Package Description

No Token Vision Animation

A small module for FoundryVTT that adds two options that let the GM to override the user's Token Vision Animation setting.




  • 'Foundry User Settings' disables this module and falls back to normal Foundry behaviour.
  • * 'Disable For All Users' overrides all user's settings to completely disable Token Vision Animations.
  • * 'Disable Only On GM Moves' disables Token Vision Animations for players when the GM moves a token while still allowing players to see animations when moving their own tokens (the GM will always see Token Vision Animations, regardless of what the players see).


Disable For GM Moves Gif



Works best with the LibWrapper module ( installed.

Install from the Foundry module installer or by inputting this manifest link in "Manifest URL" field:

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  1. Tools and Controls
  2. Visual Effects

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.2