Package Description

Special tools for special work! With Narrative Tools you can make special text appear on screen and chat, dim the canvas with a vignette effect for cutscenes, and more!

How to Use

The module currently adds chat commands and a new tool on the token toolbox (the button menu on the left).

New Chat Commands

  • /desc (or /describe, or /description) [message] - displays a descriptive message in chat only
  • /narrate (or /narration) [message] - displays a limited duration message in the canvas and chat
  • /note (or /notify or /notification) [message] - displays a note message in chat only visible to GMs
  • /as [speaker] - makes the next messages be sent as the speaker/as resets to standard behavior


Token Toolbox

  • New Scenery Tool - dims the canvas and apply vignette


Journal Context Menu

  • Chat commands are now usable in the Journal with a simple right-click! Select the text you want to narrate and give the command. Simple and easy.


Tagged Categories

  1. Chat Log and Messaging
  2. Tools and Controls
  3. Visual Effects

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.31

  2. Version 0.32

  3. Version 0.34

  4. Version 0.35

  5. Version 0.56

  6. Version 0.57

  7. Version 0.58

  8. Version 0.59

  9. Version 0.60

  10. Version 0.61

  11. Version 0.70

  12. Version 0.72

  13. Version 0.73

  14. Version 0.74