Package Description

Some minimalist enhancements to the core D&D5e rolling workflow. MRE is intended to stay as close as possible to core behavior while improving convenience. A key philosophy for this module is to remain non-disruptive to minimize conflicts with system and core updates.

MRE is targeted at a low-automation workflow. If you are looking for high levels of automation, you should consider using other modules.


  • MRE inverts the default dialog behavior for attack rolls, ability check rolls, save rolls, skill rolls, and damage rolls.
    • With no modifier keys held, these rolls will happen instantly, rather than showing the dialog. Holding the appropriate configurable modifier key will cause the dialog to appear when you need it.
  • Configurable modifier keys for rolling with advantage, disadvantage, and showing the roll dialog.
    • You can set world-level default modifiers, but players may choose to set a local override if they wish.
  • Settings to automatically roll attack rolls and/or damage rolls when an item is rolled from the character sheet or a macro.
    • These global settings can be overridden on a per-item basis for full configurability.
  • Attack rolls and tool checks merged with item cards.
  • Formula groups allow for you to configure sets of damage formulae to be rolled together.
  • Distinct damage formulae within a damage roll are displayed separately, for ease of selectively applying resistance/vulnerability.


You can find more information about MRE's features and how to use them in the User Guide.


A screenshot of a weapon chat card displaying a variety of MRE features

Required Game Systems

  1. DnD5e Latest Version: Version 2.0.0-alpha2 Last Updated 2 months ago

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  1. Dice Rolling
  2. Combat Enhancements

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