Package Description

A simple, unofficial system for Evil Hat Productions's Monster of the Week. Created with explicit permission from the publisher.


  • Basic hunter/move/gear sheets
  • Rollable ratings: click on the Cool/Tough/Charm/etc. header on the hunter sheet to see the roll in the chat window, with a header for "total success", "mixed success", or "failure".
  • Compendium entries for basic and hunter moves from the core MotW rulebook.
  • A "Playbook Templates" compendium with starter sheets for the basic set of Hunter types. The "Background" and "Bonuses/Holds" tabs of the sheets include extra hunter info.

Doesn't include:

  • First-class tracking for advancements, although the "Bonuses/Holds" tab in the template sheets include free-form text for tracking them.
  • Ways to represent hunter-specific concepts like the Pararomantic's "Relationship status" track, the Hex's Rotes, or the Spell-Slinger's spells
    • You could use "Gear" entries to represent rotes/spells
    • Relationship status or other similar things could live as freeform text in the Background or Bonuses/Holds tabs.

Not a lot, but enough to get a game going. Feel free to file issues, or send pull requests or translations! You can also tag me in the Foundry discord at deadbug#1090. This is my first javascript thing, so I'll do my best. :)

For more information and screenshots, please see the README.

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.1.0

  2. Version 1.1.1

  3. Version 1.2.0

  4. Version 1.2.1

  5. Version 1.3.0

  6. Version 1.4.0