Package Description

An NPC sheet for FoundryVTT designed to faithfully reproduce the apperance of D&D 5e monster statblocks.

A few quick settings can be toggled from the special cog menu in the upper left corner. This includes enabling and disabling certain features, themes, and a toggle for editing.

Ancient Red Dragon


  • Generate attack descriptions including hit bonus, damage formula, and average damage.
  • Generate spellcasting features for regular and innate casters based on the actor's spellbook data.
  • Promote the Multiattack action to be displayed first, even if it isn't the first in the actor's list.
  • Show a concise view of all the relavant game statistics as in oficial 5e books.
  • Optionally display an image of the creature for reference.
  • Optionally display the "secret" blocks of feature descriptions inline rather than in boxes (useful for SRD monsters as they come with descriptions in secret boxes).
  • Automatically set the size of the window to fit the content of the statblock, simple creatures automatically take up less space!
  • Show or hide lair actions, standard statblocks don't really include those, but since you can add them to the actor I made it possible to display them.
  • Settings cog to toggle some features in the upper left corner.
  • Made it so that the [X Close] button can't get overflown off of the control bar (this effects all windows, not just this sheet).
  • Rolls for ability checks, saving throws, skills, features, actions, and spells.
  • Open and edit features, spells, and other items by right-clicking their description.
  • Drag and drop items from the sheet to elsewhere.
  • Set default options in settings, and per-actor settings from the settings cog.
  • Supports rolls from Better Rolls for 5e if installed.
  • Themes: You can pick different themes for each monster to help differentiate.
    • Custom themes: You may specifcy a custom CSS class name to be used as a theme, you can use a module like Custom CSS or a browser extension like Stylish to target .monsterblock.your-class-name and modify the apperance however you like. The following CSS variables are used to define the most important values:
       --heading-color: rgb(89 23 13);
       --roll-hover-color: hsl(8 70% 14% / 1);
       --divider-color: rgba(140, 42, 42, 1);
       --background-filter: hsl(39deg 100% 60% / 80%);
       --background-blend: hard-light;
       --main-text-color: black;
       --inline-link-color: #ff6400;
  • Clicking on the creature's artwork will open an image pop-up that can be shown to the players.
  • New In v2.x:
    • Editing, adding features and items, changing skill and save proficiencies.
    • You can now roll skills and saves that are not proficient (or hide this feature)


  • English
  • 日本語 (Thanks to @Brother Sharp)

Required Game Systems

  1. DnD5e Latest Version: Version 1.5.3 Last Updated 2 months ago

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  1. Actor and Item Sheets

Available Versions

  1. Version 2.1.0

  2. Version 2.4.7

  3. Version 2.5.3

  4. Version 3.0.0

  5. Version 3.0.1

  6. Version 3.1.1