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Monk's Player Settings

A module that lets you view and edit player settings, as well as keeping your own settings in sync between different browsers


Viewing and Editing player settings

When you open the Configure Game Settings dialog, you'll see a drop down with all the players names listed. Switching to a player will refresh the settings with the client settings for that player. And editing those settings and saving will update the players settings. If the player is currently logged in, the settings will be immediately applied, otherwise the settings will be updated the next time the player logs in. If the settings being changed require the browser to be refreshed, a warning dialog will be displayed letting the player know that they'll need to refresh for the settings to take effect.

Please note that a player will need to have logged in first for the settings to be displayed accurately.

Syncing settings between browsers

Monk's Player Settings will keep a copy of the most recent settings that were saved, and upon switching to a different browser, will prompt you to sync with those saved settings.

You can turn this off in the settings if you don't want to sync, and don't want to be bothered by the warning.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.3

  2. Version 1.0.4

  3. Version 1.0.5