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Module Credits

This module adds a tag to the **Manage Modules** window that list the authors of the module. If the author has a url, it will make the tag a clickable link to that url.
This Module also checks to see if the module has a link listed in the, if it does, it will make the version tag of the module a clickable element as well. Click on this element will open the `module.json > url` property in a new browser tab.


Now with more tags, module credits now provides tags for bugs/issues, wiki/readme and changelogs. If the `module.json > [readme, bugs, changelog]` url is setup the module will add colored tags for these options.
Module Credits now also includes an option to display a local `` file within foundry as well. If both `module.json > changelog` and a local `` file exists, it will load the local changelog in a window in foundry.
Module Credits Preview

All the Customization

Module Credits now tries to clean up the module management tags section by adding default icons for Javascript, CSS and compendium. It then favors hiding the text and showing just the icons added, to allow for a cleaner look. All of this is configurable for you to find the perfect balance. Module credits will condense its own tags if they remain within foundery, for example, a changelog tag that opens up locally, will just show the changelog icon, however an external icon will leave the text visible. This is to help indicate that you will be open a browser window by click on that tag.

Bug Reporter Support

Those of you with keen eyes, will have noticed that the issues tag for Bug Reporter shows a bug icon. Module Credits now adds suppoer for [🐛 Bug Reporter]( If Bug Reporter is enabled and the module has opt'ed into the system, you can click that icon to quickly report an issue with that module using `Bug Reporter`. If you don't have bug reporter, don't worry the issues link will still appear as it does in the example image for `About Time` and `Alternative Rotation`

Local Support

Clicking on the wiki icon or the purple tag with an circle information will open the `` file within foundry now.
**WARNING** Depending on how module authors added images to their `` file the images may or may not appear

Version Tracker Support

Have you updated a module recently but no idea what actually changed between versions. Module Credits will now show you a changlelog window of all modules you have that have recently updated. *Please note this feature requires the module to soft opt in by providiing a `` file with their module. If the module does not include this file, it will not be tracked*

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  1. Analytics and Tracking

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.0.1

  2. Version 0.0.2

  3. Version 0.0.3

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