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Maxwell's Manual of Malicious Maladies - A module for all your lingering injuries needs (dnd5e)

208 lingering injuries all with different severities, durations, and consequences, based on the 13 different damage types.

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Use chat commands to roll injuries:

  • /mmmm will bring up a dialog with all the tables

  • Specify a damage type to auto roll that table (eg. /mmmm radiant)

Injury items:

  • The GM can click on the Red Virus button in the name of the injury (in chat) to add it as an item to the target's character sheet
  • Active effects will be added to items with the appropriate duration, note that these effects don't do anything and just serve as a reminder of the injury

Injury automation (requires midiqol)

Automatically prompt for injuries on:

  • Critically failed saving throw
  • Critical hit
  • More than half hp of damage
  • Hp reaches 0

(all the options can be toggled separately)


  • This modules include items and journals with the full content of the original homebrew as well.
  • The tables are all accessible and importable in the tables compendium


  • This module will search tables by name, if the table is not found in your sidebar the one in the compendium will be used
  • You can import the tables and modify the injuries as you like, as long as the name of the table remains the same

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Based on the original homebrew by u/almostlucid -

A read (ether from the included journal entries or from the original PDF) is highly suggested as it includes extra rules for healing injuries!

Special thanks to ButtersTheNinja for the help in setting up the tables!

Required Game Systems

  1. DnD5e Latest Version: Version 2.0.0-alpha2 Last Updated 2 weeks, 1 day ago

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