Package Description

This is a simple system for MidGuard RPG created by fans. 

MidGuard RPG is a role-playing game that tells a story of enhanced by cybernetic implants nordic heroes and heroines, who dream about gaining glory, to be written on a history cards and to laugh in the gods faces.

MidGuard RPG universe is a world, where nordic culture clashes with futurism. Galaxy is divided to countless star systems, in which nine are most important, as it is on their planets that civilzations have risen.

Currently MidGuard RPG is released on in Polish, by it's creators and publishers - Dark Rabbit Publishing


As for the FoundryVTT system, currently version 1.0 is available that is very simple, but allows to play using the platform.

v1.0 contains:

  • Character and NPC sheets are available. These are limited in their capabilities, but allow to play.
  • Scripts for dice macros are available on GitHub


As v1.0 is very limited, we will be working on v2.0 which ideally should fully utilise FoundryVTT capabilities. Implants, Atuts, Traits and items will be added in compendium and Character/NPC sheets will be modified to accept these within.

Currently we have no official date for v2.0 as this system is being created by fans with publisher approval.


Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0