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Midgard 5 - The first German role playing game in its 5th edition  

Important: This is not an officially licenced system. However, I have the consent of the publisher of Midgard to publish this system here.


Midgard is the oldest German Role Playing Game. It was created by Jürgen Franke back in 1981. 

The link to the official (German) site (and shop):

The link to Wikipedia in English:  Midgard role playing game

Link to documentation: Midgard-Forum




Only a very basic system right now. Everything you need to run a combat (healthbar, endurance, initiative for the combat tracker).
I've added rollable tables, Macros for using them and Macros for standard dices (D6, D20,D10, D100




  • Character sheet
  • Tables for critical rolls (already implemented in a rudimentary way)
  • Modification of the standard combat tracker to fit the Midgard specific battle round rules
  • Modification of the dice roller (detection of critical rolls and practice points)





Midgard is the intellectual property of Verlag für Fantasy- und SF-Spiele GbR (VFSF), Stelzenberg, Germany.



Icons were taken from they are under the CC BY 3.0 license. The creators of the icons are not responsible for the use of their art.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.01

  2. Version 0.02

  3. Version 0.03

  4. Version 0.04

  5. Version 0.05

  6. Version 0.06