Package Description

A simple module that contains 164 markers (1-100, A-Z, a-z, and some symbols) in 4 compendia for a DM to use to mark their maps.


Install Markers either directly from your Foundry instance from the Setup's Add-ons page or use this `module.json` link:


This add-on consists solely of 4 compendia. No more, no less. They are the following:

  • Markers (Numbers): 100 tokens

  • Markers (Alphabet lowercase): 26 tokens

  • Markers (Alphabet uppercase): 26 tokens

  • Markers (Symbols): 12 tokens

Use these compendia just as you would any other! The tokens themselves are categorized as Actor types. I have found them useful to throw on scenes to cross reference with journal notes.


Big thanks to Paul Umber's article on Building Compendia for Foundry VTT so I didn't have to do most of my editing through Foundry itself. I created all the images using Gimp and the freely available Dalelands Uncial font.

Developer Notes

Mostly a note for future me here, but this repository is interesting for a Foundry VTT add-on because the final zip file that gets used and full structure doesn't show up here directly. It gets generated via GitHub Actions using a combination of npm install, npx gulp build, and npx gulp dist. Then it gets posted as a GitHub Release on the Releases page.

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  1. Version 0.0.12