Package Description

Got a macro triggered by player A that needs a response from player B through another macro? Macro Among Friends has got your back!

Utilizing socketlib, this small module registers a function to allow for easier execution of macros from other clients, meaning this module can be used to quickly execute macros for everyone, everyone else but you, all other GMs, even specific players (single and plural) and more. Please visit the above socketlib link for an indepth description of limitations.

WARNING: Use this module only with friends! The module can be used to execute script macros as a GM by non-GMs. 

The module is a small module, that truthfully could be achieved by just about anyone with a modicum of coding interest by just grabbing socketlib and creating it themselves, but I made it for myself and figured others could use it. This module registers itself along with a simple function to execute a macro with socketlib, allowing the user to execute macros on other clients.

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.0.1