Package Description

This module adds an additional NPC sheet which can be used for loot containers such as chests or shopkeepers.

  • 2.2.0: italian translations (thx Luisphigor!)
  • 2.0.0: support for 0.8.x
  • 2.0.0: refactoring based on new pf1 importing strategy
  • 1.9.0: limited support for containers. Buy with weighless currency.
  • 1.8.0: configuration for keeping empty stacks
  • 1.7.2: fix for "convert to gold" and "convert to loot"
  • 1.7.0: look-and-feel changes based on latest PF1 system. Columns weight and identified added.
  • 1.6.0: update permissions for all players, toggle visibility of items
  • 1.5.0: convert to loot (sidebar | actors | context menu)
  • 1.4.0: support for loot sheet when opened from sidebar
  • 1.3.0: GM options to enable dragging, max load and max capacity
  • 1.2.7: support for both token linked to actor

Tagged Categories

  1. Actor and Item Sheets

Available Versions

  1. Version 2.2.0