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Library module for displaying closed captioning / audio transcription within FoundryVTT. This module does not provide captioning services itself, but provides a way for other modules to display captions in the FVTT interface.

For example, an A/V conferencing module such as JitsiWebRTC can use this module to provide automated live captions for spoken words in the conference (see the example below).



You can install this module by using the following manifest URL:


How to use

This is a library module meant to be used as a dependency for other modules that provide captioning services in FoundryVTT.

In your module.json file, add:

  "dependencies": [
      "name": "libCaptions",
      "manifest": ""

Once added, captions can be displayed by using the method ui.captions.caption:

ui.captions.caption(<caption-id>, <foundry-user-object>, <caption-text>);

Captions with the same id will update existing displayed text if it is still on the screen. This allows interim captions to be displayed while they are being processed.



animated image of foundry vtt live caption example

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