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Lord Haywire's Large Crappy Maps

This is a small collection of 3 maps that are 100x100 grid squares each.  Most of them have multiple levels using the FoundryVTT module’s Levels, Betterroofs, and Wall Height.

All of them have walls, and lighting set up.

They are completely free and as more maps are created, they will be added to this content package.

Currently there are a couple of work in progress maps which you can mess around with or wait until they are completed.

All the maps are compatible with V9 of FoundryVTT and all maps use the Forgotten Adventures asset packs!  Check out their patreon here -

The current maps are -

Farms North South

Farmland with a road running from the north to the south.

Western Town East West

An old west style town with an underground dungeon level.  There is a road running east west.

Bridge Town North South

A town on two sides of a river with a bridge that runs across the river.  There is an underground level with basements, passages, and a cavern.  The road runs north south.


Package page -

Github -

DungeonDraft files -

If you want to check out the map creation live:


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