In the Name of Science

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In this adventure, the characters investigate fresh corpses stolen from graves and a missing persons cases. The trail of clues lead them to the city’s central university where a rivalry brews between two colleges and secrets run deep. Finally, a path of death and sadness leads them to a rogue scientist with grand and terrible ideas about life and death.

Now, a new monster is being born within the shadowy halls of the city’s most populous cemetery, and it’s up to a band of brave adventurers to put a stop to this terrible science before anyone else comes to harm.

This adventure is intended for 4-5 characters of 6th level.

Percival Godwin is a researcher at Foxhaven University’s College of Anatomy and Physiology. Recently, his entire family was killed in a tragic house fire. His entire fortune having burned up, Percival lacked the monetary resources to pay for resurrection magic to bring back his family.

Spurning any other magical assistance, Percival took matters into his own hands and turned his scientific mind to the problem. Through macabre experiments, he believes that he has discovered the key to controlling life and death. Unfortunately, scientific progress is not without cost. In order to conduct his experiments, Percival has required the freshest of corpses, and has taken to murder in order to acquire them.

The latest victim was Daniel Fortly, a student of necromancy at the university, who was singled out by Godwin for his youth and intelligence. He lost his life when he encountered the grave robbers responsible for the cadavers, who in turn delivered Daniel’s body to Godwin.

With Daniel’s head, and parts of others, Percival had a “breakthrough” in creating a facsimile of living flesh. Unfortunately, the creature escaped into the city, only to collapse be discovered unconscious—and presumed dead—by the city guard.

Now, the creature’s body—identified as Daniel—lies in the cemetery morgue awaiting burial, and Percival Godwin is nowhere to be found.

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