Loot Tavern - L’Arsene’s Ledger of Treasures and Trinkets

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L’Arsène’s Ledger of Treasures and Trinkets

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Looking to fuel your hoarding addiction? Love tinkering and crafting? Then ready your fanny pack of holding, ‘cos this is the 5th edition supplement for you.

L’Arsene’s Ledger of Treasure and Trinkets is more than just a 400-page 5th-edition tome. It is a world-enriching sourcebook filled with arcane instruments and wondrous weapons. It is a guidebook for GMs and players on building balanced magic items. It is bursting with art, subclasses, familiars, spells, crafting recipes, and the dark, jocular whimsy for which the Loot Tavern is infamous. You’re gonna love it!


New Content for 5e

This supplement brings a hoard of new content to your 5e game:

‧ A lite version of the Harvesting and Crafting rules from Heliana’s Guide.
‧ Rules for Drinking & Drunkenness.
Over 300 illustrated magic items. Rarity variants bring this number over 700!
Random loot tables for all the items.
‧ A Crafting Workshop teaching you how to create and balance your own magic items.
7 new subclasses! Cause a ruckus with the Tavern Brawler Fighter, or put on a show with the College of Mixology Bard.
3 adorable familiars.
Over 20 new spells.
Over 40 new creatures, including a plethora of swarms to be used by the new Swarmslinger Tamer subclass.


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Supported Game Systems

  1. Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

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