Tome of Beasts III

An Add-on Module by Kobold Press

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Tome of Beasts III by Kobold Press
Tome of Beasts III Standard Cover

A Flock of Ferocious Monsters for 5th Edition!

DM: “Inside the chest, you find a handful of potions.”

ROGUE: “Ooh! I’m going to take a taste. Let’s see what these—”

DM: “As you unstopper the first one, the potion itself leaps free of the bottle and attaches to your face.”

WIZARD: “Gah! I should have listened to my father and become a rug merchant!”

Whether you need creepy crawlies to haunt the dark places or sinister visitors to make your favorite fantasy city come alive, Tome of Beasts III has what you’re looking for! From swamps to arctic tundra, mountains to deserts, and coastlines to badlands, every region is fully represented.

Over 400 new foes for your 5th Edition game, Tome of Beasts III brings you: giants, zombie lords, and oozes — Oh my … there's more!!!

…and much more!

This conversion for Foundry VTT includes:

Fantastic Creatures: Over 400 unique and setting aqnostic critters with unique portraits, tokens, biographies, and lore to expand your world. Every piece of art is high resolution and optimized for delivery over the web so it looks as good as your imagination.

Use these creatures in your favorite published setting or populate the dungeons in a world of your own creation. Pick up Tome of Beastsand give your players an encounter they won’t soon forget!

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Requirements: A licensed version of Foundry Virtual Tabletop, the DND5e – Fifth Edition System game system installed in Foundry, and latest Dynamic Action Effects module.

What is included: A premium content registration key. See for additional details.

Foundry Conversion: Clayton Thomson


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Supported Game Systems

  1. Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

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