Book of Ebon Tides

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Book of Ebon Tides Cover
Book of Ebon Tides Cover

The Darkness Closes in Around You

Welcome to the Shadow Realm, a twisting and distorted counterpart to the lands you know. Here the shadow fey hold court, reveling in their frivolities and intrigues, while the darakhul hunt the unwary and those other peoples adapted to the shadows strive to simply get on with their lives.

This plane of Shadow is ever changing and filled with adventure for those willing to explore the darkness. And oh, the things you’ll find:

Book of Ebon Tides plunges you into the machinations of the various powers of shadow, providing everything you need to propel your adventures in the Shadow Realm. Here you’ll find an overview of all the peoples and monster and magics of the lands, and all the details that GMs and players need to carve their names in the shadows.

Uncover the dark realities of shadow and expand worlds of your own creation!

Fully compatible with the 5th Edition ruleset.

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