Package Description

An officially approved fan-material system for playing the Swedish RPG Kopparhavets Hjältar and Hjältarnas Tid on Foundry VTT and is published with the approval of the copyright holder Helmgast.

Support for the Swedish RPG Hjältarnas Tid, that the ruleset for Kopparhavets Hjältar is based on, is also included and can be selected under the Game Settings

A rulebook is needed to play. While it strives to make running the game simpler it does not contain any actual information on how the rules work.


Kopparhavets Hjältar and Hjältarnas Tid is copyright by Helmgast.



- Character sheets for characters, Adversaries, and Ships

- Ability to roll Skills and Damage from the character sheet

- Can create Talents, Weapons, Gear, Armor and drag-n-drop onto character sheets.

- Handles armors effect on initative.

- Track what traits and skills has been used.

- Track progress of learning new talents, spells, and languages.

Available Versions

  1. Version v0.0.2

  2. Version v0.0.3

  3. Version v0.0.4

  4. Version v0.0.5

  5. Version v0.0.6

  6. Version v0.0.7

  7. Version v0.0.8

  8. Version v0.0.9

  9. Version v0.1.2