Package Description


Displays simple Next Up and Your Turn message overlays to players when appropriate with little sound effects to go along with it.

A sound effect is played at start of each round also, which the GM can hear also (all other sounds are muted for GM).


  • Volume control is not on linear scale. Personal experience shows most change in the 0% to 25% range.


  • Volume – per-client configurable to avoid unnecessary grievances. Defaults to 50%
  • Sound file selection – for soundscape customization.
  • Sticky notification toggle – in case the next up notification bothers you.
  • Auto-fade delay – in case you just don't want to deal with the click through.


Reminder for people to ready up(!) for their own turn.


This module was inspired by the old Combat Ready module.

Audio content included in this module is from, full credits are in the repository audio credits.

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  1. Combat Enhancements

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.2.0

  2. Version 0.3.6

  3. Version 0.4.0