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Bunch of little tweaks, notifications, opinionated improvements, etc. that are too small to exist on their own, for the Pathfinder 1e system.

This probably goes very well with a lot of the custom CSS displayed here:

WARNING: Due to limited information available in PF1e system, some of this module's functionality is limited to English due to string matching.  
  PF1 0.78.14 or newer mitigates this problem greatly.

Features (not comprehensive list)

  • Pathfinder 1e specific
    • Display caster level on spellbook title to ease with problems relating to CL alterations.
    • Display little notes for checks.
      • Skill checks, ability checks, saving throws, concentration, etc.
    • Warn about mismatched skill point & feat usage
    • Warn about lacking traits & feats
    • Various checks chatcards are significantly smaller (0.77.24 and older).
    • Various checks chatcards are more detailed (0.78.x and older).
    • Attack cards have more descriptive inline rolls for attacks.
    • Highlights spells left to prepare, if any.
    • Highlights overuse of spells if spontaneous.
    • Display spells known per level.
    • Display base spell DC per level.
    • Display feat, trait, etc. counts.
    • Display warning about token being unlinked.
    • Dispaly natural reach near size and stature.
    • Reformats attack cards to show little symbol for each damage type.
    • Charge origin
    • Attack button redesign
    • Me too roll button for chat cards – for quickly and easily assisting with checks other characters do or otherwise doing the same check.
  • System agnostic features (this module requires PF1 tho, so...)
    • Document ID button at top of most sheets.
    • Compress dispaly of various sidebar tabs for easier reading of the info that matters.
    • Warn about scene lacking initial view.
    • Warn about scene lacking player tokens with vision when token vision is enabled.


Smaller checks with little helper tags (partially disabled with PF1e 0.78 and newer):

0.78.x and later have instead bigger checks:

Inline roll expansion:

Mismatched feat usage:

Lacking feats & traits:

Mismatched skill ranks:

Editing unlinked tokens:

Natural reach:

Quick action uses (disabled for PF1 0.77.24 and newer where this is built-in):

Damage type icons:

Charge configuration origin:

Spells known and base DC:

Attack card button redesign:

Skill roll button reposition:

Action type display:

Inline Roll Formula:

Me too roll and little extra info tags:

Compressed compendium display (same also for actors and such):

Document ID (for us devs ands scripters):


None. It just is.


Alt Sheet

CSS fixes:

.pf1alt.sheet .lil-box.natural-reach { display: none; }


This software is distributed under the MIT License, and by extension under FVTT's Module Development License.


Uses RPG-Awesome, which is distributed under the BSD 2-clause license.

Required Game Systems

  1. Pathfinder 1 Latest Version: Version 0.79.7 Last Updated 1 month, 2 weeks ago

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  1. Version 0.1