Package Description

Itemcollection is a module that creates "bags", items that can hold other items.


Bags can be unequipped by players or GM, so that their reported weight drops to 0 in your inventory (only bags with a capacity other than 0 can be unequipped).
1.3.19 compatible with dnd5e system 0.99 and earlier. This is also an archive version so grabbing the module19.json from the link will install 1.3.19

1.3.20 REQUIRES dnd5e 1.1.1 and wont work with earlier versions.


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  1. Actor and Item Sheets

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.3.14

  2. Version 1.3.19

  3. Version 1.3.20

  4. Version 1.3.42

  5. Version 1.8.0