Package Description

This module allows users on the token layer to hover over actor tokens and see the character art. If no character art exists, then the token art is used instead.



Required actor permission

Setting for game masters to configure the required actor ownership to see character art.

Default: None - All users can hover over any token and see character art.


Enable/Disable Image Hover

Option for each user to disable the module.

Default: On


Enable/Disable keybind requirement

Option for each user to enable a keyboard press while hovering a token to see art.

Default: Off



Option for each user to set this keybind.

Default: v


Position of image

Each user can change the position of the character art to a corner of the screen (Bottom left/right and Top left/right)

Default: Bottom Left


Image to monitor width

Option for each user to configure the size of the image based on the width of their monitor.

Default: 7 - Image will take up 1⁄7th of your screen.

Available Versions

  1. Version v1.0.3

  2. Version v1.0.4

  3. Version v1.0.5

  4. Version v1.0.6

  5. Version v1.0.7

  6. Version v1.0.8

  7. Version v1.0.9

  8. Version v1.1.0

  9. Version v1.1.2

  10. Version v1.1.3

  11. Version v1.1.6

  12. Version v1.1.8