Getha Keep

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Getha is the largest village in Fethael Hundred, and the keep is the seat and ancestral home of the Indama clan. This village also provides goods and services to Silver Way caravans and travelers.

This is one of several "Location Modules" for the Hârn fantasy setting. For other modules, see Hârn Modules.

This module depicts the Getha Keep in the far northeast of the Kingdom of Kaldor, on the island of Hârn in the HârnWorld fantasy setting; however, this manor could be adapted to exist anywhere in any fantasy setting.

Although designed for use with the HârnMaster system, this module is mostly system-agnostic. Detailed descriptions of the actors has been provided in journal entries to facilitate conversion to other game systems.


The original maps from this work have been used as inspiration, and new maps have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the VTT environment. The following maps are part of this module.

Getha Village

Map of Getha Village, including the keep.

Getha Village

Gatehouse Inn

Gatehouse Inn Cellar

Ground Level
Gatehouse Inn Ground

Upper Level
Gatehouse Inn Upper

Leaky Bucket Inn

Leaky Bucket Cellar

Ground Level
Leaky Bucket Ground

Upper Level
Leaky Bucket Upper

Temple of Halea

Ground Level
Halean Temple Ground

Second Level
Halean Temple Second

Third Level
Halean Temple Third

Getha Keep

Cellar (Ground Level)
Getha Keep Cellar

Entry Floor
Getha Keep Entry Floor

Main Hall Floor
Getha Keep Main Hall Floor


Getha Keep Residence Floor
Getha Keep Residence Floor

Roof and Towers
Getha Keep Roof and Towers


This module is made possible by the hard work of HârnWorld fans, and is provided at no cost. This work is an adaptation of the article Getha Keep available at the HârnWorld fan site

Writer: Joe Adams

Original Maps: George Kelln

Contributor: Robert Barfield

Heraldry: Matthias Janssen

With Thanks To: Dan Bell & John Sgammato

Adapted to Foundry VTT: Tom Rodriguez

This module is "Fanon", a derivative work of copyrighted material by Columbia Games Inc. and N. Robin Crossby.

Some assets used to create the maps in this module are from Forgotton Adventures.


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  2. Version 1.1.1

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  3. Version 1.2.3

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