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The bastard half brother of the Earl of Neph has been declared outlaw. Why, and who will find him to claim the substantial reward?

This is one of several "Adventure Modules" for the Hârn fantasy setting. For other modules, see Hârn Modules.

This module describes the adventure "The Bastard Baliff", a mini-adventure for the HârnWorld fantasy setting. However, this adventure could be located in any fantasy setting or location with minimal adaptations.

Although designed for use with the HârnMaster system, this module is mostly system-agnostic, with the exception of Actors. Detailed descriptions of the actors has been provided in journal entries to facilitate conversion to other game systems.

On Hârn, this adventure takes place in Charmic Manor, in northern Kaldor, but it can be easily adapted to suit any campaign location.

Beginning at Charmic Manor, the trail of the reneged bailiff leads to the city of Tashal and from there to the Genin Trail.


This module is made possible by the hard work of HârnWorld fans, and is provided at no cost. This work is an adaptation of the adventure The Bastard Bailiff available at the HârnWorld fan site

Writer: Kerry Mould

Adapted to Foundry VTT: Tom Rodriguez

This module is "Fanon", a derivative work of copyrighted material by Columbia Games Inc. and N. Robin Crossby.

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