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Heroes die.

What is an adventure if not a game of chicken with the grim reaper? From a pit full of jagged spikes, to giant spiders, to traitorous blades in the night, to angry would-be gods from the deepest levels of the Abyss, death stalks the novice and veteran hero alike. And sometimes, death wins the game.

But in the vast tapestry of fantasy adventure, death need not be the end. This story begins where another ends, with the death of the player characters. They awake to find themselves in a strange realm known as Hereafter, ruled by a triumvirate of demigods competing for souls to elevate them to godhood. Can they prove their worth and earn their way back to life?

Hereafter is a unique setting and an accompanying adventure written for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. It is designed for an adventuring party of three to seven 6th-level characters, but clear guidance is given for characters from levels 1-10.

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