A Game System for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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HELLAS RPG by Khepera Publishing

System support for FoundryVTT

This Foundry system contains text content from the HELLAS RPG under arrangement with Khepera Publishing. All such text and images are copyright of their respective owners. You must own the HELLAS rpg in order to play this game.

⚔️ This is an unofficial, fan created system and is not supported by Khepera Publishing

This game system provides a character sheet and dice rolling to play the HELLAS 2nd ed. RPG


How To:

  1. Create a character
  2. Drag skills, talents and example dynamisms from the compendiums onto your character. Dragged skills for instance include a full description of the skill.
    • Skills come in two types: (Each skill includes a note when you view the skill details on whether you get all or only one variation, also, refer to the skill description tab for more information)
      1. Specific skills. These are skills that have variations, but you must buy each variation separately. You only get one specific variation for each point buy during character creation.
        • Examples include 'Drive' where you must specify which vehicle you have a drive skill with, or 'Instinct' which will come as a variation for Initiative or Intuition but not both unless you buy each separately. Or 'Handicraft' where you only get one handicraft per skill buy.
        • Each Dynamism mode is a separate skill. You must buy each one separately during character creation.
      2. Non-specific skills. There as skills that may have variations but you get all of them when you buy the skill during character creation.
        • Examples include Athletics, where you get all of Balancing, Climbing, Endurance, Flying, Jumping, Rope Climbing, Running, Strength Feat and Swimming variations. These are separate skills in the system because each has a separate attribute associated with it. For this reason add all of the skills to your sheet but set each one to the same Skill Level.
  3. Dynamisms are predefined applications of a dynamism mode. The core rules include examples of pre-created mode uses, you can use these (included in a compendium) or create your own.
  4. Fill out your character as desired.


Character sheet with skill compendium


Skill tooltip example


Roll modifier dialog

Here the skill 'Disable Mechanism' is being rolled, which relies on the attribute 'Dexterity'. The currently equipped armor provides a DEX modifier penalty which is automatically included as the 'Other Modifier'


Armour section

Provides the ability to activate armour and automatic calculation of the total armour modifiers


Armour detail


Dynamism detail


Skill detail


Talent detail


Weapon detail


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