Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting

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Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting

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Like monster hunting? Love crafting? Then pack your *grill of barbecuing*, ‘cos this is the 5th edition supplement for you.


Hunt master, inspirational speaker, and badass barbecuer Heliana has compiled a catalogue of creatures that need slaying. These unique twists on classic monsters are divided into 11 easy-to-run monster hunt adventures, each playable at a variety of levels. Investigate the creatures to find their weaknesses, prepare your plan of attack, then unleash your fury with brand-new spells, weapons, and player options.

In paper form, this book is **600 PAGES** - double the size of a normal book!

Read on to learn what over 20,000 Kickstarter and Backerkit backers are psyched about!


New Content for 5e

This module brings a hoard of new content to your 5e game! At this moment, it contains five of the hunts in Heliana's Guide, standalone one-shots (well… more like two or three shots!) that are overflowing with gorgeous art, motivating storylines, and deadly boss battles. Each hunt has the following:

The module also includes the compendium for each of the book's appendices, allowing you to pick and choose the elements you want for your campaign from:


Coming Soon!

But wait, there's more! We're working on updating this module to include all of the content from Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting. Here's what you can expect being added to it soon:


Quick Guide

System: D&D 5E

Starting Level: 1-20 (11 hunts, each at one of three levels, spanning the range of levels 1 to 20)

Length: ~70 hours if you play each hunt at one level. ~200 hours if you play all three levels.



Activate the product key on your Foundry account, then install the module from the Premium Content category in on the Foundry module installer. Hunts are set up as prepackaged adventures, which can be installed from the "Heliana's Hunts - Adventures" compendium.


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We have two ways to report bugs or technical issues. You can head to this google form which we check periodically. Alternatively, the Loot Tavern Discord server provides the fastest answers; head to the #helianas-questions channel to ask your question!

Beta testing has ended for Heliana’s Guide, but we still want to hear your feedback, whether it be a typo, a balance thing, or a feature you think could improve the Foundry VTT experience. For any comments regarding this, head to the Discord server and give us your thoughts in the #helianas-typos-and-feedback channel.

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