Package Description

🍇The Isometric Module For FoundryVTT🍇


Main features:

Changes all grid types to Isometric per scene.

Has correct measurements when in isometric, for all tools and rulers.

Changes tokens to "stand up" giving a better visual effect

Adds better token elevation representation

Attaches tiles to doors and makes them disappear when opened

Rooms can keep their size from the outside while still having walls extend over room boundaries

Achieving this effect which makes your players' head go 🤯


This module comes with 5 artist's freebies, includes maps, tokens, and lots of love:

Isometric Worlds, Two Brave Puffins, CinderLight, The Iso ExplorerVividAdventureMaps



If you like what you see, have any suggestions or want to chat with fellow Isometric enthusiasts, drop by my discord,

if you Really LOVE what you see, throw a few gold coins at me over patreon



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