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Gameboard is a complete gaming system that lets you play with anyone, anywhere, and with any game piece. Your minis (and other game pieces) can now interact with your battlemaps and board games in a whole new way! Gameboard's technology mimics how you use your hands in real-life on the surface of the screen. This is a next evolution of immersive gaming.

This module adds support for using Foundry Virtual Tabletop on Gameboard. This module modifies the UI when on a Gameboard and adds token pairing capabilities. This module is required to use the Foundry Player Client on Gameboard.


At this time the module TouchVTT is a required dependency for this module.

Pairing Physical Tokens

  • To pair a token, place and hold your base onto the actor you wish that token to be paired to. You will receive a message once the token is paired successfully.
  • You must have access to move the actor to be able to pair to the token. 
  • Pairings will be removed if the physical token is used in a scene where the actor is no longer available, and the token will try to pair to a new actor.
  • To remove all pairings, click the button 'Remove Token Pairings' in the game settings. 


Snap token after movement
This determines if after using a physical token to move an actor if that actor should snap to the grid within foundry or stay at the exact location where the physical token was moved.
Number of squares shown on screen
The view will be zoomed to fit the number of squares specified by this value.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.0