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  • Link Syrinscape mood to a scene - module switches mood automatically when the scene gets activated.
  • Create a playlist with Syrinscape moods
  • Play/Stop mood from the playlist
  • Popup for playing one-shot elements as well as creating handy macros.
  • Simple utility macro for playing elements (like a gunshot)
  • Load moods from CSV file ("Download Remote Control Links" button in Syrinscape Online Master Panel)
  • Load moods automatically from Syrinscape API (currently needs CORS proxy, as Syrinscape has strict CORS rules)

Tagged Categories

  1. Audio Improvements
  2. External Integrations

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.1.0

  2. Version 0.1.1

  3. Version 0.1.2

  4. Version 0.2.0

  5. Version 0.2.1

  6. Version 0.3.0