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Assign a page on the hotbar to remember macros per token. If the token is linked to an actor, the hotbar will be associated with the actor.


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Dynamically change the hotbar

Based on your settings, one page of the macro hotbar will be used to dynamically change the macros based on your selected token.


Use an additional hotbar

Token Hotbar integrates with Norc's Custom Hotbar, keeping the original 5 hotbar pages free and giving you a dedicated Token Hotbar.


Shared Token Hotbar

The token hotbar can be shared between players. Example: as the player on the right makes a change, the hotbar of the player on the left gets reloaded.


Lock Shared Hotbar

The shared hotbar can also be locked, so that only the GMs can edit it.


Automatically switch hotbar pages

When selecting a token with macros on its hotbar, it will automatically switch to the right page. When deselecting, it will switch back to the previous page you were on.




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  1. Version 4.2.0

  2. Version 4.2.1