Package Description

This is a Foundry VTT implementation of the Ironsworn and Ironsworn Delve rule sets by Shawn Tomkin.


To install it, just search for "ironsworn" in the system-installation UI, or use this URL:

How to Play

First, you'll need a world map. Several are provided in the "Ironsworn Maps" compendium, or you can make your own.

Next, you'll need a character. Open up the actors tab, and hit "Create Actor". Use the "✎ Edit" button in the title bar to adjust your stats. Assets can be dragged onto the sheet. The core assets are provided in the "Ironsworn Assets" compendium, or you can create your own. Use the row of hexes to set the rank of vows and progress, and the button to mark progress.

Delve and shared sheet

If you're playing with a friend or two, there's a "Shared Sheet" actor type that's made for that.

If you're playing with the Delve rules, you can use the "Site" actor type to track a location. Use the buttons to open up the theme and domain compendia, or you can create your own.

Create a new character, and customize the name and stats. Assets are in their own compendium, drag them onto your character sheet.

Now you're ready to create vows, embark on journeys, and slay beasts. Keep track of your story using journal entries.


This work is based on Ironsworn (found at, created by Shawn Tomkin, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license  (

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.2.5

  2. Version 1.7.4