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This Module is primarily intended to be used to facilitate single screen VTT at home situations, either all players looking at a screen, or using a screen laid out flat. Currently the app provides the following options

To use correctly, the DM should create a new player, and assign that player an owner role to every single character.  By Default the system expect this name to either be  'Observer' or 'Hot Seat' .  By providing this as an additional role, the GM may maintain control of the observer player credentials, while allowing other players to still also have ownership of their characters by loging in to level up or look at their character sheet using their own credentials.

Features include

  • You may rename the observer player in the settings
  • You may diable camera panning on initiative
  • You may choose to have the GM control the entire screen by enabling an option where if he clicks on a player token, the observer activates that token
  • If the Gm controls everything, you may also allow for him to deselect tokens for the observer.

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