Package Description

This module provides comprehensive Quest Log system for players and Game Masters

Watch the [relaunch / 0.7.3 sizzle reel (Kobold DM)] video.

Or three deep dive tutorial videos covering many features available:

[Supported Systems: all]

[Supported Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish]


Please refer to Module's Wiki for full information on usage


  • Quest Log windows that lists all quests divided into In Progress, Completed and Failed tabs
  • Quest creator with WYSIWYG editors for description and GM notes
  • Quest Giver can be an Actor, Item, or Journal Note
  • Quest Splash Art
  • Objectives
  • Draggable Item rewards
  • Fully editable Quest Details window
  • Personal Quests
  • Quest Branching in the form of Sub Quests
  • Abstract Rewards
  • Hiding Tasks and Rewards
  • and more...


Issue / Enhancement Tracker

If you find any issues with Forien's Quest Log or have an enhancement idea please open an issue at the source code repository.

Contact / Current Developer / Maintainer

Michael Leahy aka TyphonJS is currently maintaining and adding new features to Forien's Quest Log. If you wish to contact me for any reason please reach out on Discord using my tag: MLeahy#4299 or join the TyphonJS Discord server.

Support (Historical)

The original author, Forien, is no longer actively maintaining FQL, but for historical correctness please visit: Foundry Workshop Patreon.

Tagged Categories

  1. Tools and Controls
  2. Journals and Notes

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.5.3

  2. Version 0.5.4

  3. Version 0.6.0

  4. Version 0.7.2

  5. Version 0.7.4

  6. Version 0.7.5

  7. Version 0.7.6

  8. Version 0.7.7

  9. Version 0.7.8