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 Fog Manager

A module for FoundryVTT that lets you edit fog of war manually, and push/pull it to players.

A note for anyone here looking for a Simple Fog replacement: Fog Manager is slightly different than Simple Fog because it does its editing directly to the normal fog layer, vs the secondary layer that Simple Fog does. If you need to ability to restrict restrict vision on top of the normal Fog behavior, you may need to look elsewhere. If however, you just want to edit the existing fog to either hide some previously revealed sections, or reveal new ones, you are in the right spot.



  1. Open Fog manager by clicking on the cloud on the toolbar.
  2. (Optional) Click on the user config to configure which players to pull from. (Default is all)
    1. You can pull and push from different sets of users.
  3. Pull the fog from all selected players by clicking the download icon
  4. Edit the fog using the various brushes, and the Hide/Reveal slider.
  5. Broadcast the changes to all selected players with the Upload Icon




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Feel free to contact me on Discord @chrisf#4895, or by filing an issue on GitLab.

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This is a derivative of under the MIT License.

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Available Versions

  1. Version v0.1.1

  2. Version v0.1.2

  3. Version v0.1.3

  4. Version v0.1.4

  5. Version v0.1.6

  6. Version v1.0.0