Package Description

Falemos (Let's talk)

This is a module for Camera management in Foundry VTT. Falemos is a Galician word meaning "let's talk".

This module allows you to customise the style and position of the cameras in each scene and can be used for direct streaming from the foundry screen or simply for a more interesting presentation.

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Features by scene:

  • Hide/Show controls (navigation, sidebar, controls, hotbar, players).
  • Custom camera positon by player.
  • Custom camera overlay by player.
  • Custom video geometry.
  • Custom video filters.
  • Custom name with custom color, font and position by player.
  • Template macros. Export the scene settings to a macro for later reuse.
  • Default transmit voice to "Always active". Can be disabled in the module settings
  • Camera to background. Place a camera in the background, this allows you to use virtual cameras to show other applications or to make freehand drawings.
  • Shorcuts
    • Cicle UI visibility (Only GM): ctrl+alt+h(ide)
    • Cicle Scene Fit: ctrl+alt+f(it)
    • Execute Falemos Vaccinator by Viriato139ac: ctrl+alt+v(accinator)



Falemos is scene-dependent. In the configuration of each scene we have the configuration parameters:

  • Global
  • General enabled/disabled control.
  • UI elements display control.

Global config

  • Per user:
    • Camera position and size.
    • image overlay.
    • Image overlay settings
    • Geometry and effect applicable to the video
    • Colour, position, size and font of the label.
    • Set optional scene fit, scene fit, an adjusted scene has the consequence that the cameras remain in the same position in the image and can always be used to simulate the anchoring of the camera to an area of the image.

User config



  • To contributors (bug reporters, pull requesters, translators): Viriato139ac, Gorion, Dick-K, Xurxo Diz, Montver, Cal, BabyfaceFinlayson, ScriptFeliz, sladecraven.
  • To all users, without them this module makes no sense.


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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.6.1

  2. Version 0.6.2

  3. Version 0.7.0

  4. Version 0.7.2

  5. Version 0.8.0

  6. Version 0.8.1

  7. Version 0.8.2

  8. Version 0.8.3

  9. Version 0.8.4

  10. Version 0.8.6

  11. Version 0.8.8

  12. Version 0.8.9

  13. Version 0.8.10