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🤷 + 🤖 / 💩 = ❓

Emojimancy is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural.


"Easy" emoji powered rolls!

Do you find formula like `/r 2d8kh+100` tedious and hard to remember?

Well now you can just do `/r 2️⃣🍆🎱🙂➕💯`!


💩 Fudging rolls & outright rigging rolls 🤥

Always wanted to fudge your rolls a bit? Try the ⬆️ emojerator to get a plus one to all your dice!

Want to outright rig the roll? Use the 🥳 to maximize all dice, or the 💩 to roll all ones!


🤫 Sneakymoji 🐁

Don't want your players knowing you are wielding the awesome powers of Emojimancy against them? Just use your choice of Sneakymoji and they'll never suspect a thing.


🕹️ Commandjis

Commandjis are powerful macro like commands you can use! Commandji are, of course, denoted by the 🩹 slash operator.


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  1. Version 0.0.1