Package Description

This module allows the default Foundry measurement ruler to track change in elevation. Elevation can be changed while using the ruler in four ways:

  1. Manually. Hit the specified hot key (default: '[' to increment and ']' to decrement).
  2. Token. When hovering over a token with the ruler, the origin or destination elevation (as applicable) will update.
  3. Enhanced Terrain Layer. If a terrain layer is present with a finite max elevation, that max elevation will be used for the elevation.
  4. Levels. If the Levels module is present, the ruler will look for Levels-enabled tiles or holes and default to the bottom elevation of that tile or hole.

The distance calculation updates based on the distance measured, assuming a straight line in three dimensions between origin and destination, taking into account elevation change. If you add a waypoint, elevation will be tracked at each waypoint. If you choose to move the origin token (by hitting spacebar) after measuring, the token elevation will be updated along each waypoint.

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  1. Tools and Controls

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.3.1

  2. Version 0.3.2

  3. Version 0.3.3