Package Description

Implements basic character and item sheets for playing the excellent Chris McDowall's Electric Bastionland in Foundry VTT.

 Character creation, spark tables and such are not implemented. You still need the book / pdf.

The code is based on the Into The Odd system for FoundryVTT

Installation - Auto Installer (Recommended)

  1. In the FVTT Game Systems Menu, click Install System
  2. Enter into Manifest URL:

Installation - Manual

  1. Place the unzipped folder in your Data/systems folder
  2. Make sure the folder is named electricbastionland
  3. Launch FoundryVTT and create your new world, selecting the Electric Bastionland system.

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.2

  2. Version 1.1.0

  3. Version 1.2.0