Earthdawn Mystic Paths

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For all the power at their fingertips, the adept's journey is not an easy one. They can change the world with it. They can shape what is around them. They are the light in the darkness. However, there is responsibility in that power. Despite what they have in common, each adept's journey is unique and how they choose to wield their power shapes their perspective.

It's always best to bring friends. Adepts gathered together for common cause to form paths, groups dedicate to. their goals. Some are organized, others anything but. Some public, others' true motivations are tightly held secrets. Through these bonds adepts find power and purpose, but they also find conflict over how to use their power and to what end. Even with like-minded followers, the adept's journey is never an easy one.

The Adept's Journey: Mystic Paths offers players new character options for those who wish to follow one of these mysterious paths. It explores their motivations, goals, and conflicts, giving characters a chance to find risk and reward alike in their new obligations. Gamemasters find new organizations to work with players, against them, or something more complicated. Rules are provided for Paths, new Disciplines, talents, talent knacks, spells, spirits, and more, ensuring there is something for nearly everyone within.

The Adept's Journey: Mystic Paths module is now available for Foundry VTT, containing everything a GM needs to guide their player group through years of action and adventure in Barsaive. The Earthdawn Fourth Edition system for Foundry VTT contains:

Please note that the Mystic Paths module requires the Earthdawn Player's Guide and Earthdawn Gamemaster's Guide to fully utilize.

Purchasing the Module

You can purchase the Earthdawn 4th Edition Player's Guide from the FASA Games store!

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