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The chat tab will be divided into two tabs, "main" and "sub". If you write to the chat with the "main" tab selected, the mod will write toあ the log of the "main" tab. Similarly, if you write to the chat with the "sub" tab selected, the mod will write to the log of the "sub" tab.
Your posts in the "main" tab will be written to In character's message.
Your posts in the "sub" tab will be written as Out of character's messages. Also, if you make a die roll while you have the "sub" tab selected, the result will be written to the "main" tab.
I have not modified the log export in this mod, so the logs are output in chronological order, with no distinction between "main" and "sub".
I would like to modify the log export feature, but have not yet decided when to implement it.
You can change the tab name in the settings.


The logs before activation of this mod will be divided into "main" and "sub" tabs with the following rules.
・ "sub" tab …… Out of character's messages
・ "main" tab …… other than Out of character's messages


Normally, in FVTT, the game master's posts with no tokens selected are recorded in Out of character's messages. Therefore, the logs are assigned to the "sub" tab. You may feel uncomfortable. But this is the specification of this mod.
After activating this mod, even if you are a game master with no tokens selected, if you select the "main" tab and write, this mod will log to "main". Similarly, if you select and write in the "sub" tab, the mod will record in "sub" respectively (except for die rolls).




・ 「sub」……プレイヤー発言





このMODは、Cody Swendrowski <>様の、Tabbed Chatlog(をベースに開発されました。

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  1. Version 0.1.0

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  4. Version 0.1.3