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Basil the Basilisk is in despair - his only friend, a sentient iron golem, was killed by a duergar raiding party when Basil was hunting - his golem heart was stolen. Will you help Basil retrieve it and save his best friend?

This companion and his short adventure for 3rd level characters will take your players to the Underdark where they can meet Basil the Basilisk and help him save his friend. 

Dragonshorn Studios is a small family-owned business creating adventures and encounters for both 5th and 3.5 edition of the world's most popular role-playing game.

Adventure features

  • A unique NPC that you can include in your own adventures
  • Full, ready to play adventure, easy to import to any existing game, with full text in Journal Entries
  • 1 new map, walled and lighted, where the adventure takes place
  • 3 new tokens you can use

About us

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