Sebastian Crowe's Guide to Drakkenheim

An Add-on Module by Ghostfire Gaming

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The major content module for the Drakkenheim setting created by the Dungeon Dudes!

This module includes:

Explore the wider world around Drakkenheim in vivid detail! Inside you'll find a comprehensive history of the lore, people, and history of Westemär, Caspia, and Elyria - a continent gripped by political intrigue and conflict between mages, nobility, and priests.

Visit the city of Libero and take in its beautiful majesty of snaking canals and wonderous architecture! Get lost in the treacherous jungles of Terene and join the Clawstrider Rangers! Venture out in the frozen north of Netherwind and tangle with giants and reavers! Unite the scattered clans on the Isle of Skye!

If your wanderlust has no bounds, even more opportunities and adventure await near the fringes of the continent, from the Islands of Gi, to strange rumors of floating islands and more!

A Five-Way Clash for the Ruins

While Drakkenheim might be in ruins, there are those who wish to take its bounty and rule the land for themselves. With rich reserves of delerium and other secrets, these agents will be regularly encountered on your journey around the continent, seeking to recruit new members into their ranks and muster additional resources in order to aid their forces within the capital.

The Hooded Lanterns. A group of veterans from the Civil War and remnants of what is left of the old Drakkenheim city watch.

The Queen's Men. An affiliation of around a hundred small gangs of brigands, thieves, and outlaws who have sworn themselves to the enigmatic Queen of Thieves.

The Silver Order. A regiment of paladins and righteous knights oath-bound to combat and push back the supernatural and evil forces of the world.

The Followers of the Falling Fire. A breakaway sect of the Sacred Flame who believe the meteor signaled a celestial prophecy, branded as blasphemers and heretics by the church.

The Amethyst Academy. The foremost authority of magic and largest magical school on the continent, taking in those with magical abilities in order to teach and tutor them.

Experience All New Areas & Monsters

Explore a multitude of new areas with terrifying foes and encounters, from abandoned farmsteads, coastal shrines, bandit lairs, or delve deep into the lairs of contaminated creatures.

Encounter all new monsters such as the Dutchess and her Deep Dreg spawn, but beware that you aren't forced beneath the waves of the contaminated waters...

Each map is ready to use in Foundry VTT, including walls and lights to help ease the burden on running sessions and preparing.

Additional Player Options

Including a new class, the apothecary, as well as themed subclasses for every standard class.

New Class: The Apothecary

Introducing a new Intelligence-based class, the Apothecary!

Masters of medical practices, arcane magic, and esoteric teachings; Apothecaries wield their vast repertoires of knowledge to heal their allies or harm their foes using their skills with alchemy and occult magic! Through careful study of the natural and supernatural world, an apothecary aids their allies in surviving horrifying ailments and injuries while also inflicting debilitating wounds and disease upon their foes!

Constantly in search of means to expand their understanding of the forces of the natural world gives them an insatiable hunger for knowledge; and lost ruins and forbidden texts are never in short supply when venturing from their labs.

Esoteric Theories

Formulae lost to time, forbidden lore locked in sealed tomes, or alchemical mixtures and serums that augment your abilities. Apothecaries can wield a wide array of unique and creative abilities from a wide list of over 40 Esoteric Theories. These theories allow them to specialize and further hone themselves and their craft, such as inoculating themselves against disease and necrosis, or brutal attacks with surgical precision!

Apothecary Subclasses

Master the mind, both your own the the minds of others with the Alienist!

Concoct chemical compounds as a Chemist, blasting your foes apart with elemental alchemy!

Exorcise sinister spirits and banish fearsome fiends with the Exorcist!

Incubate terrifying strains of disease and pestilence the kind Drakkenheim has never seen with the Pathogenist!

Imbue the spark of life within dead flesh, creating a fearsome abomination with the Reanimator!

Merge mutant strength and keen intellect with the Mutagenist to crush your enemies!

New Subclasses & Feats

In addition to the arrival of the Apothecary class, detailed within are fourteen new subclasses in bringing in unique flavor and roleplaying opportunities! Have a sneak peek at a few below, detailing subclasses for each of the classes in the Player's Handbook!

New Spells and Contaminated Magic

Rain down sickening infection and spread deadly nerve gas, summon elementals polluted by eldritch contamination, or summon creatures from beyond the veil with all new spells!

Each of the new summoning spells makes great use of the D&D 5th Edition system's new Summoning framework, allowing you to seamlessly summon your otherworldly abominations into the fray.

Quality of Life Additions

To ease some burden on the unique abilities and mechanics included in this sourcebook, we are happy to bring several quality of life improvements that should smooth out gameplay during your sessions!

Mutagenist Apothecary's Transmogrifying Elixir: To streamline the hulking transformation these apothecaries go through, a macro is provided that properly scales and includes all the changes to attributes and ability scores easy to track.

Flesh Warlock's Reshape Flesh: Similarly to the previous example, the new Flesh subclass for the Warlock class also comes with a macro of its own, allowing you to quickly specify what mutations you would like! With further levels, new options are automatically presented as well.

New & Improved Contamination Tracking: Building upon the new and improved character sheets, tracking Eldritch Contamination levels on your characters has been moved to its own tab, allowing you easy tracking and preview of what each level of contamination entails!

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