Advanced Magic - Spell Point System 5e

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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Advanced Magic - Spell Points System 5e

FoundryVTT module for using Spell Point in D&D5e.

Not using spellpoints for your games? well, you should, spellpoints are much better than slots!!

This module uses the variant rules found in the DMG to allow character to cast spells using a resource named "Spell Points". It also allow to create your custom Spell Points / Mana rules and advancement system.

D&D System V3+ notes

The module has been update for compatibility to D&D v3. Starting from version 2.0.0 of this module it will not be compatible with previous versions of the Foundry D&D system. Now it uses "Items" to allow a character to cast using spell points instead of a resource. Each Spell Points Item can be configured indipendently or follow the global settings. The Spell Point Item is in a compendium included with the module starting from v2, you need to drag the item to your character sheet to enable it for that character.




Installation Instructions

Old v1 verion Instructions

You are ready to go, now spells cast by player's characters will use spell points instead of slots.

Notice: Slots won't disappear from character sheets, but they will always stay full as long as this module is enabled.



DnD v3 Specific Features (using the spellpoints Item)


Drag your item on character sheet.


The spell points tracker will appear.


Spells will automatically check spell points for casting and deselect Slots.


You can override the settings for a specific item or a specific character to have unique progression and costs.


It's possible to have multiple spellpoints items each one with different settings.


Example Custom Formulas


By the DMG, a character will always have enough spell points to create the spell slots they would normally have. This can be calculated by starting with 0 and adding up the spell point cost of every slot they would normally have, multiplying it by 1.

Base Formula


Spell Point Multiplier


Advanced Magic

See the Advanced Magic spell point system for why characters may not always have enough spell points to cast all of their normal spell slots.

Base Formula

    1 * @spells.spell1.max +
    2 * @spells.spell2.max +
    3 * @spells.spell3.max +
    4 * @spells.spell4.max +
    5 * @spells.spell5.max +
    <!-- 6 * @spells.spell6.max + -->
    7 * @spells.spell7.max +
    8 * @spells.spell8.max +
    9 * @spells.spell9.max
  ) / 2
@attributes.spelldc - 8 -

Spell Point Multiplier


Making Your Own Formula

Foundry VTT V9: Create a macro with the following script:


Foundry VTT V10+: Create a macro with the following script:


While selecting a token, execute the macro. Then, look at the console. This will tell you all the data that is available to you when writing a formula.

You can test out a formula by rolling it in chat while selecting a token. The following formula would determine the largest modifier which are typically used for spell casting, and it would roll it in chat.

/roll { @abilities.wis.mod,,  @abilities.cha.mod}kh

It is also possible to add a module or create your own module that edits or adds information to actor.system. This new information will be available to the formulas with no concerns over compatibility.

To do

Add configurable limit to number of times a spell slot can be generated per day. This would reproduce the limit within the DMG that only allows creatures to make one 6th+ level slot per day of the same level.


None at the moment but please let me know if any.

Supported Game Systems

  1. Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

    Latest Version: Version 3.2.0 Last Updated 1 week ago


Available Versions

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  2. Version 2.2.1

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  3. Version 2.2.0

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  4. Version 2.1.0

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  5. Version 2.0.1

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