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Difficult Terrain

This module adds the functionality of difficult terrain to any ruler created! Customizable hotkeys to increase/decrease the multiplier.


Show Drag Distance

It seems like Difficult Terrain and Show Drag Distance currently don't work together (not sure if it's the FoundryVTT or SDD update). I am thinking about better solutions to integrate modules which extend the ruler class.

This module is somewhat compatible with Show-Drag-Distance version 2.1.4, there are a few bugs, but I am not sure if those are on my end.

Future releases of Show-Drag-Distance may breaks this compatibility, just remove "DragRuler" in this case (difficult terrain module settings).


Terrain Layer Support

Basic Terrain Layer support got added with 1.0.4! It is not perfect as you have to set waypoints before entering/exiting different terrain layers, else the first value will be calculated into the whole ruler!

A ruler path segment going over a terrain layer will enforce its multiplier on this segment, other parts can be adjusted with hotkeys


A guide with 2 more gifs will pop up in Foundry as dialog, or can be found on GitHub.








Normal ruler showcase

Normal ruler showcase


Show-Drag-Distance showcase

Show-Drag-Distance showcase


Known Issues



(With Terrain Layer compatibility enabled)

  • [HexagonalGrid] Ruler sometimes ignores the terrain layer marker
  • [SquareGrid] Ruler sometimes ignores the terrain layer marker

Both issues happen because the path does not get calculated the same way how the highlighted ruler path is calculated.




  • fix issue when not using Terrain Layer module
  • update compatibility for 0.7.5
  • add option to add the multiplier to difficulty instead of multiplying



  • update minor spelling mistakes and issues with lang support


  • improve Terrain Layer support for SquareGrid



  • improve Terrain Layer support for HexGrids, this will make it a lot better



  • add basic support for Terrain Layer



  • fix difficult terrain breaking when user directly clicks twice on the same square



  • Refactoring
  • Add option to enable mouse wheel as option to cycle through difficulties



  • Fixed issue with scene changes (possible only when scene changes grid type) breaking this module

  • Fixed issue with alternative movement rules

    This change should also greatly boost the compatibility with other game systems!



  • initial release

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.0

  2. Version 1.0.7

  3. Version 1.0.8