Package Description

This module shows dice and bonus information when hovering over an Ability, Item, Spell, Skill, Short Rest, and a few other locations an actor sheet.

Only works with the D&D5E system

This is useful for those who:

  • Want a quick lookup of what will be rolled for a particular attack, check, save, etc.
  • Want to roll physical dice, but still maintain all the convenience that Foundry provides.


Please head over to the project home page for more information.


Most recent updates:


  • Added guard against undefined "item" object, which apparently could happen with MidiQOL and modules that deal with automation.


This module now requires use of DND5e system 0.95 or later.

  • Fixed handling of scaling cantrips which caused an error to display in the console and no tooltip to appear.  This was due to a change in the DND5e 0.95 system module.
  • Fixed stylesheet conflict with chat log's dice tooltip's.  Renamed all of mine to use "dtt2" prefix instead of "dice-tooltip"


  • Fixed stylesheet conflict with SmallTime module


  • Minor fix to versioning


  • Now render both normal & versatile damage in one tooltip
  • Verified compatibility with FoundryVTT 9

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed ability save rendering.  It had been displaying "d20 - NaN"
  • Updated module.json to include Portuguese locale listing.  Not sure if using that locale was broken before, but this should help
  • Fixed corner case for constant folding where you could end up with a "+ 0" in the expression. It's now properly removed
  • Remove damage types injected in the middle of formulas using "[type]" notation.  We add a label at the end of the roll, so it doesn't need to be in the middle.


  • Minor fixes
  • Doc updates


  • Simplified dice expression display using redundant operator removal and constant folding
  • Implemented ability to show tooltips on Tidy5e favorites
  • Incorporated pull request with Portuguese (Brazil) translations


  • Removed "2" from all titling to keep original "dice-tooltip" package name.
  • Renamed module: dice-tooltip2 -> dice-tooltip as part of that


  • This is a fork from Steffan Poulsen's original Dice Tooltip module which fixes compatibility with Foundry 0.8 and Tidy 5e Sheets. 
  • Fixed compatibility with Foundry 0.8 & Tidy5eSheets
  • Improved the tooltip presentation (tightened padding, inverted coloring to match other tooltips, add transparency)
  • Fixed dice formula presentation to not show extra +'s
  • Changed Short Rest tooltip to show remaining hit dice that can be used
  • Added localization support and provided translations for English


Required Game Systems

  1. DnD5e Latest Version: Version 1.6.1 Last Updated 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Tagged Categories

  1. Dice Rolling
  2. Actor and Item Sheets
  3. Combat Enhancements

Available Versions

  1. Version 2.3.1