Package Description

DFreds Droppables is a FoundryVTT module which allows you to drag and drop an entire folder of tokens or journal entries onto the canvas.

Let Me Sell You This

Have you ever needed to drop all of your pesky players onto a scene at once? Have you ever created dozens of room notes and dreaded the thought of dragging them all out onto the map one by one like some kind of peasant? Well, now you don't have to. Yay mild conveniences.


What This Module Does

On the drag and drop of an actor folder or journal entries folder onto the canvas, Droppables creates tokens (for actors) or notes (for journal entries) for each item in that folder. Note that it will not do anything for any subfolders, as that could get sort of insane if you're OCD like me and everything has subfolders on subfolders. Anyway...

Dropping Actors


The Elephant in the Room

This feature was actually implemented in The Furnace. However, the Furnance has been confirmed abandoned by the good folks over at the League of Extraordinary Foundry Developers. You might consider this the first step to replacing the features previously contained in that module.



This module uses the libWrapper library for wrapping core methods. While this is not a hard dependency, it is recommended to install it for the best experience and compatibility with other modules.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.1.0

  2. Version 1.2.10

  3. Version 1.3.1

  4. Version 1.4.0

  5. Version 1.4.1

  6. Version 1.4.2