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DF User Login

Sends an OOC whisper to all users when someone logs in. These messages have a lifetime and will self-delete after a specified amount of time. These messages currently use the same quotes that are used by Discord for when a user joins a server. There is also a message sent when a user logs out of the game.


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DF User Logger Message Example


DF User Logger Settings

  • (GM Only) Manage Messages: You can Add, Remove, and Customize all log in and log out messages.
  • (GM Only) Sound used for messages: The sound that is played when a user logs in or out of Foundry.
  • (GM Only) Only show messages to GM: The whispers will only be seen by the GameMaster in the server.
  • (GM Only) Auto-Remove Messages: The GM can turn off the auto-destruct feature so log messages are perminent.
  • (All) Auto-Remove Delay: Users can set how long a message lives in their feed before it deletes itself.
  • (All) Don't show my own to me: Users can have their login message show to others but not themselves.

Future Features:

  • Detect when a user disconnects from game without logging out (ie. closes their browser).
  • Add ability to allow GM to manage the login/logout messages from within settings.



If you want to support me or just help me buy doggy treats!
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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.6.3